Day 12. Best Campsite Yet. July 2, 2016

6am to 5pm. 12.5 miles. Lake Italy to just below Bighorn Pass.


Good morning!


This morning we didn’t have far to walk to get to Gabbot Pass. 


On our way to Gabbot Pass

We found iced snow right away. Microspikes made all the difference.


The north side of pass was snow all the way to Lower Mills Lake. This is one of the finest Lakes in the Sierra. We took a long break there but since it was 10am we kept walking.



Lower Mills Lake

And that walking was down hill on a use trail. It was so different to walk among tall trees, meadows and wildflowers.



At the bottom was Mono Creek which is a raging river and we had to cross it. The guidebook says to try to find a downed tree. We found a huge one. Rockin waltzed across it. Wired and I scooted across on our butts. Safety over valor. Rockin took photos which should be on Wired’s blog.

It was a very steep climb up to Laurel Lake. From there we hiked up halfway to the next pass and found the best campsite yet. We have huge mountains in every direction. I just hope I can stay awake until the evening light show.


We climbed up this rock jumble


Looking down on Laurel Lake


Mountains in front of us.


Mountains behind us. Which view do you want from inside the tent?

2 thoughts on “Day 12. Best Campsite Yet. July 2, 2016

  1. Warren

    Ha, I mostly scoot myself. No need to fall in for nothing. -Your camp was pretty awesome. I love the three stacked Zpacks tents. Very cool.


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