Day 1. Perfect Plans and a Headstart. June 21, 2016

Day 1. Perfect Plans and a Headstart. June 21, 2016

4 miles to Lower Tent Meadow at 7800 ft

Meeting up at the Fresno train station went without a hitch. We were soon off in Wired’s car. Only Wired would have a car this wired…. Charging plugs for all and her phone within reach…. for gps use only. Of course no texting while driving.


Once inside Kings Canyon National Park we stopped and took a stroll amongst the bazillion tourists to check out Grant’s Giant Sequoia. It was impressively huge.


We easily got our permit at the Ranger Station. It was hot today  and the switchbacks up were in the sun. We lounged around for a couple hours and finally started walking just after 5.


We were mostly in the shade and there was the occasional light breeze but we were still sweating bullets. The 2nd hour was not nearly as hot.

We are camped in an established area at Lower Tent Meadows which even has bear boxes. There are no views but it’s perfect for tonight and sets us up well for tomorrow. 3 more miles of trail and then it’s off cross country.


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