Day 98. A Hot and Social Day. February 8, 2016.

Day 98. A Hot and Social Day. February 8, 2016.

37 km

The side of Lake Pukaki km 2416 to Twizel km 2453.

I was tired this morning. I wonder why.


I started walking at 7. I didn’t get water last night because the lake was down a steep cliff. It took forever for the road to turn back to the lake.


I wonder if this works.

I walked down a dirt road. There were 2 people and a campervan.


Zirkle and Ralph are from Hamburg, Germany and have been together 35 years. They are spending 4 months here in a campervan. We had a great conversation about traveling, hitching and German guilt from WW1 and 2. They didn’t want me to have to drink lake water. I walked away with water, an apple and a pear. Fresh fruit is better than gold out here.

Later I took a break for a 2nd cup of coffee.


Since I got to the lake last night I’ve been walking on the Alps to Ocean Cycling Path. Yesterday I didn’t see any bikes because it was so late. Today about midmorning I started seeing quite a few.


One group in particular I played leap frog with. A group of 10 from a Sydney cycling club is doing the complete 300 km ride. Jenny rode next to me for a couple kilometers and we had a nice talk about the TA, the A2O trail and the time flew by. The next time I saw them they were in the water and shouted to me to jump in. I did and it felt wonderful.




The last 10 km was without shade and very hot.


When I got to the town of Twizel, I checked into the backpackers and just sat and drank water for over an hour. Finally I took a shower. Luckily I phoned for a bed this morning because there was no vacancy when I arrived.

When I was going to resupply I met Bloody Mary just getting to town. I met her in 2014 on the PCT. She was sobo. I was nobo. She started several weeks after I did and I was hoping I would see her when she passed me. Once again, it’s a small thru hiker world.

Now that I have walked from Lake Tekapo to Twizel I think a bike would have been a great option. Plus the next 33 km to Lake Ohau is on road and cycle path. But I am walking.

1 thought on “Day 98. A Hot and Social Day. February 8, 2016.

  1. Hannah

    Nancy, hello! I have just met your brothers Jim and Steve at the LA airport and they directed me to your site and told me of your ventures in New Zealand. I happen to be on my way to Wellington right now and would love to know about your favorite places and things to do! I’ve browsed your blog, and what a beautiful wonderful looking place. They’ve mentionedyour incredible willingness for adventure and fun and I would just love to be able to tap into that for some advice 🙂 hope your trek continues to be so enjoyable and maybe to hear from you soon! Cheers!


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