Day 94. Two Thumb Track. February 4, 2016.

Day 94.  Two Thumb Track. February 4, 2016.

24 km
1 km past Bush Stream Carpark km 2312 to Royal Hut km 2336

I slept so well in my tent last night. Maybe I should do that more often.  No condensation increases the enjoyment.


Good morning!

The day started with many crossings of Bush Stream.


Many times I was standing just searching  for the next orange poles. It was another gorgeous day with LOTS of climbing. Definitely one of the top days on the TA.

I climbed above the river….


…just to descend back down. And then up again. You can see the trail on the grassy ridge…


I stopped for a break at Crooked Spur Hut…


Then I kept climbing…




Another high point….


And back down…


I am now at Royal Hut named because in 1970 Prince Charles and Princess Anne were flown in here. It’s hard to believe this hut was chosen over all the other choices.


Royal Hut....Not that royal

3 women my age, also from California, are here also… Diane, Susan and Sandy. They are hiking the South Island TA.

It’s supposed to rain tomorrow. 90% chance of light rain according to Delorme.  And of course it’s the day I go over the highest point on the entire TA. I’m not sure what I will do if it’s raining when I wake up.  

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