Day 72. Richmond Range…. Done! January 13, 2016.

Day 72. Richmond Range…. Done! January 13, 2016.

28 km
Porter Hut km 1913 to St Arnaud km 1941.

It’s my birthday!  I slept so well last night. I felt a bit sluggish today. Hmm? I wonder why?  I’m 63 and I can still do things like I did yesterday. I am so fortunate.


Good morning. I'm sure I slept past the best color.


It seemed to take forever to get to Red Hills Hut.




Then I walked down a gravel road for 5.5 km.


And then another 10.6 km along the highway to St Arnaud.


I’m sharing a room with Sean and Arno. They bought me birthday beer. Thanks.

29 thoughts on “Day 72. Richmond Range…. Done! January 13, 2016.

      1. Laurie Hanschu

        Hi Nancy, Happy birthday from Sacramento. I celebrated your day by looking through all of your beautiful pictures and reading about your trek. I am pretty sure I would have missed the sunrise too – Hanschus are not early risers. Great to see your trip is going so well.


  1. Jill

    Happy Birthday, Nancy! You’re giving us the gifts….with your interesting blog and great photos.
    Will just have to send the best of wishes as a meager return. Cheers!

  2. Carrie Hyatt

    Happy birthday, Sweet Aunt Nancy, from Team Hyatt! I thought about you all day yesterday! Cheers to another year of adventures, beautiful views, and miles and miles of smiles 🙂 XOXO

  3. Kylee Sonnabend-Liberty

    Happy Birthday Nancy! You have been my inspiration since I met you on the PCT near Donner Pass. We were each hiking alone. I am a thru hiker wannabe. I have done lots of 20-30 mile days ( with my titanium hip), but the other hip was due, so I had to cut back the last two years. Anyway, I went to N.Z. last year in Jan. on a tour with my husband, but I included some alone time to go hike the Alpine Crossing and circuit there by Mt Doom….incredibly gorgeous terrain! I finally turned 65 in Dec. so now on Medicare, I had the hip replaced Jan. 4th. We’ll see how this spring goes… hopefully I will be a new bionic woman! I want to do all the hikes! You go girl! Cheers! Kylee

  4. Cécile

    Happy Birthday Nancy!
    And thanks for your wonderful blog. We know a bit better what to expect the next days, just about to enter Richmond Ranges and also looking for the weather forecast.

    Cécile and Lucas

      1. Cécile

        We had a real good weather forecast from doc, with rain radar. Rain on last Tuesday, day of at the Hut. It was perfect, rest of the ranges in amazing good weather. Thanks to Doc. Sorry, it doesn’t work out for you. All the best from us, just staying in Alpine Lodge 🙂

      2. nancyhikes Post author

        Great to hear from you and lucky you. And you probably got the bbq tonight! Although as vegetarians it might not have been so worth it. I am in Arthurs Pass. It’s raining.

  5. bkeill

    Hi Nancy, Gary and I join the others in wishing you a Happy Birthday one day later, but then my philosophy is you get the celebrate the entire birthday month! Your blogs and pictures have been wonderful. Your adventures keep me motivated to find new ones and never stop moving, ever! We miss you! Love and Hugs

  6. Joe Dorn

    Hi Nancy, I have loved following your adventures and it seems like the TA was quite the journey. I would love to ask you a few questions if you have time!

  7. Wendy Baldwin

    Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!

    Nancy I am wondering if you are near Brett at all. His aunt passed and we want to tell him before he finds out on social media. Bretts Mum

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      No. I just missed him. He left Hamner Springs this morning. We stayed in different hostels so I didn’t see him last night. I didn’t know he was here. If I see him I will tell him to phone you. I think the earliest he could get to Arthurs Pass is 4 days. Maybe sooner…. he is so fast now. My condolences to your family.


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