Day 66. Sailing. January 7, 2016.

Day 66. Sailing. January 7, 2016.

We woke up to this…..


Photo taken by Nathan

Dave offered to sail us back to Kaiteriteri, a town a little to the south of where the Abel Tasman Coastal Walk starts. How could we say no?

The wind was supposed to pick up later and we could only leave when there was water in the bay so we left early. It seemed to be the calm before the storm because there wasn’t much wind, and it was blowing directly from the direction we needed to go. We mostly motored but did put the sails up for awhile. It was a great way to see things from a different perspective.  Thanks Dodgy Dave (that’s what he calls himself.)




I love my life


At the helm





Bye Dave. Thanks.

We ended up walking about 1/4 of the Abel Tasman Walk. The whole coastal walk is just 60 km but has one bay that can only be crossed at low tide. Plus there are side trips. It was just as stunningly beautiful as I remember from 1991 and was a great detour. Walking all of it just got bumped up on my list of what to do after the TA.

2 great hitches and a short bus ride and we were back in Nelson.

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