Day 29. Hamilton. December 1, 2015.

Day 29. Hamilton. December 1, 2015.

22 km
Ngaruawahia km 780 to Hamilton km 802

This morning Jane introduced us to another way to eat Marmite (NZ’S version of Vegemite)….. toast with Marmite, avocado and tomato. The best.

The walk today was mostly along the Waikato River.


Jane drove ahead and walked back toward us. She had fixed us an amazing lunch.



When we got to Hamilton we had earned a coffee.


Lisa treated me to another lavish hotel…. Astra. A king sized bed all to myself! I better not get used to this.

We met Alex and Helen for dinner at Iguanas restaurant. I highly recommend it. Pumpkin and kumara salad. Cajun lamb pizza. Prawns on the other half.


Helen’s ankle is much improved. They will walk out of town tomorrow.

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