Day 10. Zero in Pahia. 11/12/15

Day 10. Zero in Pahia. 11/12/15

0 km. Still at km 243.

Today was a great zero. Since I had caught up on my blog yesterday I didn’t have that hanging over my head. Not that it is a chore or anything.

Brett, Nathan and I rented kayaks and paddled to a waterfall. Johan joined us. He was working at Hukatere Lodge on 90 Mile Beach when we stayed there. He is now here. 2 hours of paddling (headwind both ways) was enough for me but the guys went for at least double the time and went over to Russell.

We also moved to another hostel with free and unlimited wifi. The common areas are really nice here with a magnificent view. But the bunk rooms are tiny. I’m sharing with 3 others and there is not much floor space not used up by the 2 bunks. There are no windows in the room but there is a skylight and the constant drone of air pumped into the room. It’s stuffy. Not at all like our room last night. It’s Haka Lodge and is run by a company that owns hostels in Auckland and Queenstown. Haka also runs tours. The place is clean and modern but it’s too big and kind of impersonal. The wifi is nice but for now on I will opt for smaller owner run places instead of investor owned. I can buy wifi.


Nathan and Brett loving the wifi

A farmer’s market was in Pahia today. The food looked so amazing after so many disappointing trips to the grocery stores. We bought and cooked a feast. Salmon. Chard. Bread. Cheese. Lettuce. Tomatoes.




We also ran into Alex and Helen again today. I last saw them when I entered the Herekino Forest. They gave us the hottest tip for tomorrow. 8k from here the official trail is over water for 10k. Options are a water taxi or kayak. But no company rents kayaks and picks them up for less than $100 a person. The guy we rented kayaks from today called the “only” person and he said $50 each. So we planned for the 2nd option. $1 car ferry and walk an extra 11.5 k (plus the 10k that the boat travels.) Alex and Helen said their guy was $20 each. I phoned and we are in. We just have to be in Opua at 9:15 am tomorrow. The guy we called is Dusty and his phone number is listed on the trail notes.

We are on the east coast so no sunsets but there is still color.


If I go to bed now maybe I can get up in time to see the sun rise.

6 thoughts on “Day 10. Zero in Pahia. 11/12/15

  1. Wayne

    Would you consider doing a gear review at the end of your TA thru hike? What worked for you, what didn’t and what you would recommend. It looks to me your pack maybe from Zpacks and maybe your sleeping bag to? I am also wondering what sleeping mat you chose ? Re the clams ( tuatua’s) on 90 mile beach….. You probably missed your best opportunity to try them but if you stumble on any again put them in a pot of seawater for an hour or so ( they will spit out the sand) tip water and sand out, boil some fresh water and pour over them till they just start to open… them straight from the shell. All the best for the rest of the hike.

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      Wayne. Yes, I will try to make a gear review happen. ZPACKS pack, tent, sleeping bag and raincoat. All working out great. NeoAir women’s sleeping mat. I’m sorry I missed the tuatuas.


    Sounds like Wayne has the “Clams” down cold. I have cooked them his way and I worked great. Just saying. Have a wonderful day Down Under.


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