Day 8. Kerikeri. 11/10/15

Day 8. Kerikeri. 11/10/15

24.5 km.
Km 198.5 to 223

It’s so easy to pack up when you can stand up.


The morning road walk.

Today’s walk was easy. Gentle grades through farmland. Dairy farms and sheep farms. But some of it wasn’t marked very well and I stood around with the sheep trying to figure out which way to go. And I managed to avoid the electric fences.



Caesar from San Francisco and I figured out which way to go.

Near the town of Kerikeri the path follows the Kerikeri River and goes by 2 sets of falls.


Rainbow Falls. 27 meters high.


Canadian Liz getting a closer look at the 2nd falls


Weird tree

I met Nathan downtown for food…. steak, bacon and cheese pie. How can I get so hungry that that even sounds like a good thing to eat?  I then stopped at the grocery store and for much better food for dinner. … cheese, avocado and tomato sandwich. I ate 2. Nathan bought the tomatoes at a farm stand and they were wonderful. Trail food just isn’t fresh food…. unfortunately.

4 thoughts on “Day 8. Kerikeri. 11/10/15

  1. Brian Loeffler

    Electric fences should be avoided for sure. When I was a kid, I made the mistake of urinating on one. Nice pictures Nancy!


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