Mucking around Talkeetna

Alaska Day 17. 7/11/15

Carly and I wanted to go on a hike today.  I found a map at a store in town.  She had printed one from the Internet.  Neither seemed to match what we found on the ground.  We mostly walked on roads until we found a ski trail.  That ended in a swamp. We tried to climb up a thickly shrubbed hill to avoid getting our feet wet in the muck. That didn’t work very well but I think I now know what Devil’s Club looks and feels like. Ouch!


This is the kind of junk you see in Alaska


We were walking between the trees and water. And then in the water up to our knees.

Later we had beers and dinner with Pedro from Buenos Aires and Ilhan from Chicago. Both are also staying at the hostel. Hostelling is the best way for me to travel.


3 thoughts on “Mucking around Talkeetna

  1. Jill

    Hope your first day with the pick and shovel went smoothly! I’ve enjoyed your Alaska pictures and thoughts very much. It has helped me formulate some ideas for a trip I hope to make there before long. I’m so glad I came across your blog via Wired and Rockin’. I am already savoring each entry. Thank you!

  2. Harlan

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