Juneau Adventures with Wiki Wiki

Alaska Day 14 7/8/15

Rain in Juneau can’t stop the adventures.  And it didn’t.  The lady at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor center told us we should just hike to the waterfall since we didn’t have all day.  That wasn’t going to happen. 


View from the visitors center. The waterfall is on the right. The arrow punts where Mt McGinnis is behind the fog.

We hiked up the West Glacier Trail.  Wiki Wiki even got me to run part of it.  I haven’t run in years! 



Find the helicopters. By my head and right hand.


After the overlook we continued up the Mt McGinnis trail. That was reminiscent of the AT. Steep rock and tree grabbing to stay upright.  It wasn’t raining but it had earlier and every  bush and tree that we touched showered us till we were sopping wet.  We finally turned around knowing that the fog wasn’t going to lift, we wouldn’t see anything at the top,  and we still had sailing planned for the afternoon.

We drove back to town and picked up Shannon.  I had shared a hostel room with her in Haines and we bumped into her at a coffee shop in the morning.  Wiki Wiki invited her to sail with us.  Then off to the sailboat where Rob had nachos ready for us.  After scarfing them up we headed south down Gastineau Channel.  Past the jumping salmon, other sailboats, cruise ships, and barge. It was very impressive to see Rob and Wiki Wiki working together using their sailing skills.  When they bought the boat in April neither of them knew how to sail. 


Rob, me and Wiki Wiki


Shannon and l embracing the rain.

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