Whales, tales, and more – Day 2

Alaska – day 2 – 6/27/15

I slept great in the solarium despite the rather loud compressor noise. I woke up and it was light out…. 3:30am!  So I went back to sleep.

When I did get up I checked the gps screen at the purser’s desk. We were almost to the northern end of Vancouver island. No wonder it takes 30 hours to go from Bellingham to Ketchikan, our first stop.


Foggy morning

I went to the snack bar to get a cup of coffee. John, a ferry worker from Wrangell, offered to make me a cup of drip coffee! Every time I turn around I find another reason to love traveling on this ferry system.


That coffee is for me!

The day turned into a cloudless, sunny day.




We cruised by several lighthouses….


…..narrow channels….




…..and native American villages.



The deck below the solarium had most of the tents.

Whale to port! Sometimes everyone heard the call. Other times people were way too nonchalant about it and the whale was way behind the boat before I saw it. But I did manage to see several whales’ tails.


Look closely for the spouts.

And of course I found more interesting people to talk to.

I talked to 3 Israelis. All were just out of the army and now traveling around the world. Two of them are traveling together. The other is hoping to find a job in Ketchikan.

A recently retired couple from Reno will drive their motorhome back home. They aren’t concerned about how long it might take.



7 thoughts on “Whales, tales, and more – Day 2

  1. bmort12753

    My brother in law resides on San Juan Island and his home faces west overlooking the Hato Straits with
    Victoria in the distance. Pods of Orca would
    swim by daily…i know the feeling when you see them
    I need to return to those areas..i have done extensive sea kayaking in the surrounding islands
    Truly enjoy your post…never stop writing 🙂

  2. chuckleber

    Thanks for the pictures. I have never seen views on the ship. Can’t wait to take the ride. Walked from home in Port Angeles to Hurricane Ridge Lodge today. Same weather as Southeast except the Collumbine lilies are at 4000 ft.

  3. Kris

    That is super cool! A ferry to Alaska – I seriously wouldn’t have thought such a thing existed! Looking forward to reading about your adventures. 🙂


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