I Love Challenges – TRT Day 4

June 5, 2015
TRT day 4
30.3 miles + .8 to hotel
Tahoe City

It started raining sometime after I got in my tent. I don’t know when it stopped. Most of the night I could hear the wind howling but it was coming from a direction that we were protected from. So I was all warm comfortable. At 4:30am that changed. Very strong wind threatened to blow us away. Our perfect tent pitches held! It was pretty comical in the morning taking down the tents while making sure to keep everything from flying away. And the wind made it freezing up there. We walked away wearing every piece of clothing we had with us.


Cold start to the day




a break in the sun. but all our clothes are still on.

We had a big downhill to Brockway Summit and the lower elevation was much warmer.  On the way we met another TRT hiker, Kathryn, going the opposite direction. Our first TRT hiker we met.

10 miles by 10:30. 20 more miles to Tahoe City. Town food, beer, showers, laundry, easy day tomorrow. Of course I was all in favor of the plan. Plus it’s the challenge of seeing if I can still do it…. even tho I am not in thru hiker shape.


puff bslls


Wired is using her sawyer squeeze filter


Watson Lake - much prettier than I remembered



We got to Tahoe City a little before 8 and went straight to Rosie’s Cafe.  Now I am all clean. My body feels a bit beat up but it was oh so worth it.


6 thoughts on “I Love Challenges – TRT Day 4

  1. Linda

    Thank you Ms. Nancy for posting and sharing your travels!!! As usual, I love your pictures!!!!!! I “get” to do a back pack trip with Carlos and our family friends (well, another fit old dad and his phd students and son in law…so I will be the only lady.) I hope my feet don’t rebell for hiking boots seem to put holes in my heels so I will “try” running shoes and borrowing my friends trail running shoes…hope they work. 4 days in Yosemite back country. I am only in twice a week running shape and Kaia FIT (Cross FIT for women) and swim 1-2 days a week shape. Any last second tips (without training or prep??? Have teens at home so no time) before I am stuck in the middle of nowhere with messed up feet? Miss you and love to see your adventures!!!!!

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      Linda! so good to hear from you. It sounds like you have a great trip planned. Yosemite is gorgeous. I want a trip report after. Make sure your shoes are big enough… size up by about one size. Weight on your back makes your feet swell. My all time favorite shoes are Altra Lone Peaks. Fleet Feet downtown has them. You definitely do not need boots. Also pack light. Make Carlos carry it all! Really look at everything you want to bring and only bring what you absolutely need. You don’t need extra clothes! Have a blast!

  2. Denise Spruce

    Such awesome photos make me wish I were out there now! My time will come though. Did you all stay warm with all your clothes on under those jackets?


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