Day 138 – 8/18/14 – Snoqualmie Pass

Day 138
22.5 miles
2402 total miles

When I got to Mirror Lake I remembered watching an osprey fly across the lake. This time I was greeted by the gross smell of cigarette smoke from a day hiker. I walked away as quickly as I could.


As I was on the final desent to Snoqualmie Pass I ran into Charley Day Hiker hiking toward me. He is attempting a yoyo. He hiked to canada and is now hiking back to Mexico. 

My sister, Jeanne, met us at the motel. She brought us fresh crab and beer…. all the essentials.  I also got my umbrella back. Hope that helps to make it not rain again on this hike.

My sister brought so much stuff I needed a luggage cart. No. I didn’t carry it all back on the trail.


Several hikers here… Bigfoot, Juicy and others.

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