8/19/14 – Update from Snoqualmie Pass

I arrived at Snoqualmie Pass yesterday and am leaving today. All is good except I have no time to update my blog. Maybe at the next stop in 3 or 4 days….

Thanks for all the comments. I read and love every one of them.

5 thoughts on “8/19/14 – Update from Snoqualmie Pass

  1. Kylee Sonnabend-Liberty

    Hi Nancy,

    I really wanted to be a trail angel for you and others, but I missed you. I got home from the Stehekin – Stevens section hike when you were leaving White Pass. That is where I would’ve met up with you. And after I got home, I had to clean up gear as it was all soaked clean through. We had 3 days of rain. Or I would’ve tried to meet up at Chinook Pass. Well, now you are already heading to Stevens. If you get this, I wish you good weather through the Stevens section. There are a bunch of trees down and some creeks to maneuver. Also, going across Agnes Creek there is one really nice huge log — take a photo there of someone crossing it if you get a chance. I didn’t, but I wanted that photo in my journal. Best of luck with some clear skies!

      Kylee  Liberty   Kyle Sonnabend-Liberty  


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