Day 123 – 127, 8/3-7/14, Family Reunion

Day 123 – 127
5 Zeros

I’ve just spent 5 wonderful days with my family…. mother, sister, 5 brothers, 2 brothers-in-law, 3 sisters-in-law, 4 nieces,  2 nephews, nephew’s girlfriend, plus a cousin I haven’t seen in about 50 years.

I am all fattened and rested up for my hike through Washington. I’m on my way back to Cascade Locks today and might even hike some today.

5 thoughts on “Day 123 – 127, 8/3-7/14, Family Reunion

  1. Kylee Sonnabend-Liberty

    Wow!  You are moving fast!  I was hoping to be a trail angel for you somewhere in Washington. But I will be doing Stehekin to Stevens north to south next week: the 9th to 14th. Maybe I will be back and catch you somewhere. Also I would love to ask you questions about your gear. So if I don’t see you, perhaps you can email me a list after you’ve completed your hike. I want to lighten my load if I can. Plus my backpack seems to ride too low or bulged out –what pack do you have and how much does it weigh? And my tent is 39 ounces; what’s yours. And sleeping bag –mine is too heavy at 2 pounds.

      Kylee  Liberty   Kyle Sonnabend-Liberty  

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      Of course I would love to help you lighten your load. As Warner Springs Monty says “the fun goes up when the weight goes down.” I hope to add my gear list to my blog when I get home. My big 3 in gear is all ZPacks, Arc blast pack, 30 degree sleeping bag, and Hexamid solplex tent. Check the website for weights.


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