Day 114 – 7/25/14 – Shelter Cove

Day 114
20.7 miles
1920.7 total miles

Diamond Peak still had snow fields to walk across.




As I got close to Shelter Cove I met HazNoHorse. He was walking south to meet his friends, Grasshopper and Breakman who he hiked with on the pct in 2012. There are 3 Grasshoppers out here…. the one I started with, Young Grasshopper and this one. Turns out I met this couple when I hiked the JMT in 2011. It continues to amaze me how small the thru hiking community is. HazNoHorse had brought lots of food and beer for his friends and shared it with me.

I had quite the adventure taking a shower. Coin operated. 3 minutes. $150. I put in 3 quarters but couldn’t slide them in the machine. When I tried this on the fourth and last shower it dawned on me that I needed 6 quarters. I must be tired. My brain doesn’t work. I shampooed up and then the shower stopped. I put in my last 6 quarters and the machine jammed up. I put my dirty clothes back on, walked the 100 yards back to the store, got more quarters and walked back. If all showers were this much effort I don’t think I would bother.

Other hikers showed up…. Maniac, Colin, QuietMan,  Salty and Johnny Rocket.

I’m now sleeping in a ski club cabin. I tried to convince the other hikers to join me but none of them wanted to hike this far.  Would have been the perfect place a few nights ago in the storm. From the register here I can tell there were 16 hikers here that night.

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