Day 110 – 7/21/14 – Heros

Day 110

33.6 miles
1817.1 total miles

I met one of my heros today. I saw a guy and his daughter stopped at a creek. I talked to them about water north of here because they were heading south. He said that when they get to Ashland they will have hiked all of Oregon over several years. I walked away and a few minutes later light bulbs went off in my head. I turned around and walked back. They were still sitting there. I asked where they were from. New York. Are you Nicholas Kristof? Yes! With his wife he wrote “Half the Sky” …. one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read. It was also the first book I read when I finished the pct in 2009.  He also has a column in the NY Times.

“A Path Appears” is their most recent book and will be out in september.  It just might be the first book I read after this hike.

I love how the mind works. Why and how did I recognize him. I knew he had hiked part of the oregon pct. His wife Asian and his daughter is a beautiful blend. A little picture is on his columns. But I haven’t read one in at least a year. How did my head do that?

He was very nice about being recognized. His daughter just rolled her eyes. It was very interesting to hear him talk about the books. I was jazzed for the rest of the day.




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