Day 104 – 7/15/14 – Seiad Valley

Day 104
Seiad Valley In and out
24.4 miles
1669.2 total miles
6188 ft up/5742 ft down

I started walking at 5:30am. Mostly downhill and I was sweating immediately.

Lots of hikers I had met before were in Seiad Valley when I got there. Tarzan, Emma, Betsy, Nature and Legs. New hikers today were Johnny Rocket, Nobody’s Friend, Tartan, Marathon and Fat Dog (he is the race director for a 120 mile run in Vancouver). Also Maniac, REI, Beacon, Free Range and Dark Horse that I have been seeing the last few days.


Tarzan thinks it is hot


I ate, showered, washed my clothes (and put them right back on wet) and tried to stay cool until 5. Then I started the long climb.

Great spot for a break at Lookout Spring……



I’m now camped on a saddle with a beautiful view. Dark Horse is here. The sunset was spectacular.  We should be able to see the sunrise in the morning….. if I can wake up. It’s almost 10. Maybe the coffee milkshake at 3 wasn’t such a great idea….. I’m wide awake.






3 thoughts on “Day 104 – 7/15/14 – Seiad Valley

  1. Doug Miller

    As a kid I grew up in Seiad Valley in the 1970’s. We had many of PCT hikers over for a home cooked meal. We met people from all over the world. It was a great place to live as a kid (now I’m 48).
    Doug Miller


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