Day 75 6/16/14 – Home

Day 75
Zero miles

I am at home. But only for less than 24 hours. Tahoe Mike drove us back to Hwy 40. PocoLoco and Spirit walked north. Tears.  I sure hope I see them again.  I got in my friend Sharell’s car.




Tahoe Mike and me

When I left home at the beginning of April I wasn’t planning on hiking the whole trail. I needed to take of some stuff, put together some more resupply boxes and change out some gear. I had to ignore the weeds in the backyard and all the cobwebs.

The rushing around here is harder than being on the trail! I have to get back to Truckee tomorrow. There is absolutely no temptation to stay home. 

7 thoughts on “Day 75 6/16/14 – Home

  1. Meg

    Ya know what? You are right!! Keep moving, why not…. Stan and I want to be YOU when we grow up…your trips are soooo inspiring, even if we dont comment….we are watching and appreciating!! luvyou!

  2. Thomas Potter

    Joanne and I have been following you on your amazing adventure Nancy! We love all the photos and miss the PCT as well! Stay safe and never stop exploring!

  3. Linda

    Nancy, Your home moved? (Not in Gold River anymore?)….sounds like a good home even with the cobwebs and weeds…


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