Day 62 – Mammoth Lakes

Day 62 – Mammoth Lakes
8 miles to Agnews Meadows
915 total miles

Chances for a ride early in the morning didn’t seem good so we went with plan B. We walked 8 miles further north on the pct to another trailhead.

A car going the opposite direction stopped. We told them we were hiking the pct and needed to get to town. They were impressed. Then asked if we were hungry. YES. They gave us a turkey avocado sandwich, a box of crackers and water. Totally unexpected. Totally awesome. I think it was the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten.


But we still didn’t have a ride. Not long after a taxi that had just given another hiker a ride back to the trail stopped. We got to hitch for tip only.
Soon we were at Motel 6 reunited with Poco. Shower, food, beer, post office, laundry, resupply shopping, phone calls, email… all the town chores. Not enough time. Back to the trail tomorrow.


PocoLoco, me, Mellow, Spirit

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