Day 34 – Hiker Town

Day 34 – Hiker Town
20.3 miles road walk instead of 39 miles of trail
517.6 total miles

The Powerhouse Fire has resulted in a 39 mile section of trail being closed. So we walked the road instead. The detour was half as long but walking on pavement is twice as hard on the feet and legs. The road we walked is right on the San Andreas Fault. All was still today. There were some interesting sights along the way.



Lake Elizabeth




We are now at Hiker Town. This place is built to look like an old western town. The garage has been turned into a hiker lounge and kitchen. It’s cold and windy out and it is wonderful to be inside. There are 11 hikers here.


My dessert…. nutella, almonds, coconut. Delicious!

10 thoughts on “Day 34 – Hiker Town

  1. BrassyTurtle

    That ‘Training center’ is actually not quite as creepy as it sounds. They focus on a specific fighting style that is used by SCA and RenFaire types who like to re-enact historical battles and fight “authentically” according to a particular historical time period or area. I believe they focus on martial arts of western Europe… think Gladiators or Game of Thrones.

  2. Daniel Howard-Snyder

    Captain Morgan got bit by a Mojave Green near Tylerhorse Canyon, in 2010. Buried in the sand right on the trail, next to a small bush. Don’t be third! -SS


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