Day 1 Back to the Border

Mexican Border to Lake Morena
20 miles

Today was like coming home. It was so awesome to be back out here. It has rained near the start for the last 3 days. Not today. It was perfect… 65 degrees. I love the PCT. Easy 20 to Lake Morena. Beer, food, hot shower and now I am down for the night. Life is good.





6 thoughts on “Day 1 Back to the Border

  1. Maybe

    Well Nancy………..I appreciate your long discussion sometime ago about menscistomies. I have delayed mine now about a year and half…….but my knee just won’t settle down and
    pretty soon… will be hiking season up here in Washington State……… tomorrow
    I get my scope and trim. Hopefully he won’t take so much that I need a knee replacement
    in a few years. He asked me if I want to go forward after the MRI show an increased tear
    and I said………ah mmmmmm……………”Why not”………………


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