​GR 20 Day 9 – Foggy and Windy  – September 11, 2017

Bocca di Verdi to Refuge d’Usciolu

Distance 16km (10 miles) 

Total ascent 1290m (4230ft) 

Total descent 830m (2725ft) 

Estimated Time 7hrs 15mins

Our time 7am to 2:15pm
It was foggy this morning and most of the day. The sun would start to come out and then disappear again.  

We had lunch just past Bocca di Laparo. We sat in the glorious sun out of the wind. That was definitely the most comfortable part of the day.

Climbing up Monte Furmicula at 1950m (6400ft) was completely in the cold drippy fog with the wind blasting us. I had to use both hands on rocks to keep from getting blown away. It was intense. Plus my glasses kept getting fogged up. Luckily Jim was able to find the red and white paint to guide us up and down. 
We thought about going farther today but just didn’t have 2 more hours in us. So we are camped up high at the Refuge d’Usciolu. It’s a small refuge and doesn’t have much space inside to get out of the cold. I have all my clothes on except my hiking pants and rain jacket and pants. It should be interesting to see if I stay warm enough.  It’s 7 :30 and I’m falling asleep. 

1 thought on “​GR 20 Day 9 – Foggy and Windy  – September 11, 2017

  1. Warren

    Much more remote-looking camping. Nice you didn’t have to share the Refuge with a hundred of your best friends. Sounded like a really tough day.


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