​GR 20 Day 8 –  PCT-Like Trail  – September 10, 2017

Vizzavone to Bocca di Verdi

Distance 30 km (18 3/4 miles)

Total ascent  1320 m (4330 ft)

Total descent 955 m (1720 ft)  

Guidebook Estimated Time  10 hrs  

Our time with breaks 9 hrs
At 3:30 am I woke to loud and bright thunder and lightening.  Soon it began to rain hard. It lasted about 3 hours. The campground had lots of standing water and some people definitely got water inside their tents. This morning one tent was set up on a picnic table and someone was sleeping in it.

We packed up our wet tents and started walking about 7. 

We saw 5 or 6 of these salamanders today

We hiked 2 stages today which were probably the 2 easiest of the whole GR20. It was perfect hiking temperature and the kilometers went by quickly. 
We ate the best omelette yet at Gîte d’Étape U Fugone where we were able to dry out our tents.

Why carry food when you can buy food like this along the way. 10€

Bocca Palmetto 1640 meters

Today was a great food day. We also had a great dinner at Bocca di Verdi. The refuge had a fire going inside when we got there. It was cold outside so it felt wonderful to get all warm. They cooked pork chops over the fire . We also had zuchini gratin and chocolate mousse. We sat next to 2 Israelis and talked about the Israeli National Trail, Ironman, cycling and all sorts of things. 
It was supposed to rain today but it never did. We will see what happens tonight. It’s damp and foggy. 

2 thoughts on “​GR 20 Day 8 –  PCT-Like Trail  – September 10, 2017

  1. Warren

    Well, I guess if you were hiking in rain pants it must have been cool outside. Another notice of the fall colors. Very neat.


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