​GR 20 Day 11 – We Are Finishing This Thing – September 13, 2017

Somewhere on the Road to Quenza to Refuge d’Paliri

Distance 11.5 km ( 7 miles) 

It was so nice nice to sleep in the trees away from a bunch of people. As we walked down the road we discussed our options and the answer magically appeared….. a trail directly back to the GR20. And the quality of the trail was the best we have walked on. It took an hour to walk to the bottom of the ravine and back up. We immediately saw people who had left the refuge 3 hours prior. The wind never died down last night and they hardly slept at all. 

We climbed up to the Village de Bavella. It’s on a road and there were tour busses, cars and people everywhere. But there was also lots of food. We started with coffee and omelettes. We shared the table with a couple from Slovenia. They slept at the Bergerie. She didn’t sleep at all because she was worried about bed bugs. I felt even better about our choice last night. 

After a couple hours in the village we bought a couple sandwiches to go (dinner and breakfast) and walked down to the Refuge d’Paliri. 

This refuge has the best camping sites. It’s nice enough that we are cowboy camping. After a cold shower, relaxing afternoon, wine and dinner I know I will sleep well. 

We finish tomorrow! 

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