​GR 20 Day 7 – Zero in Vizzavone   – September 9, 2017

No kilometers or miles

It was a great day to catch up. It’s 8:20 pm and I’m almost caught up on my blog. Jim and I made plans and reservations for the time between the end of the GR20 and our flight out of Paris.

I spent most of today in the restaurant drinking coffee and eating while using their wifi. I came back this evening to finish up and got a free glass of wine!
Lots more hikers showed up today. The campground is way more packed than yesterday. I even met another triple crowner, The Hiking Viking. 
The weather may alter our plans but if all goes well we will finish in 4 (maybe 5) more days. I am ready! 

5 thoughts on “​GR 20 Day 7 – Zero in Vizzavone   – September 9, 2017

  1. Lynn Duncan

    What a summer you have had!

    This seems like the hardest part, in terms of amenities, but I know you are well prepared for it.

    Wherever you got in, you are likely to see smoke as you cross any part of California..

  2. Warren

    Even with all the amenities, this looks to be a tough hike. You and Jim are tougher though!

    Hope you have a great time in Paris; it is one of the places I’d like to return to. Art and architecture are everywhere.

  3. kezashby

    Hi Nancy,
    I just finished the GR20 and hiked past you on your second day. You commented on my friend’s pack and Iater I said to her that I thought you were the writer of one of the blogs I read. Turns out I was right.
    It has been fun reading your GR20 experience and seeing it from the reverse direction to what we did it.
    Thanks for your blog and inspiring me to see the world and hike.
    Enjoy the rest of the GR20 and I hope you get some much needed R&R (and I totally know what you mean about your knees. It’s been almost a week since I finished and my knees are still aching at times)


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