​GR 20 Day 6 – Halfway at Vizzavone   – September 8, 2017

Bergeries de l’Onda to Vizzavone 

Distance 11 km (6 3/4 miles)

Total ascent  670m (2200ft)

Total descent 1180m (3870ft)  

Guidebook Estimated Time  6 hrs  min

Our time with breaks  6 hrs
It wasn’t surprising that we woke up with wet tents again after sleeping on damp grass. We waited till 7:30 to start walking. We have done this a couple days and it really helps to not be in the middle of hoards of other hikers. I think you either need to leave in the dark or just chill out in the morning and start late. 
Jim brought me hot coffee to savor in the tent. Bread, cheese and peanuts made a fine breakfast. 

I felt so much better today. The climb up to Punta Muratello, 2100m (6890ft), was a great 2 hour push. At the top I finally met someone older than me out here doing the GR 20. He is 76 yrs old. Very impressive. I met another man who is 8 months younger than me.  I’m pretty sure I am the oldest woman out here. No one is even close!

Looking back down on Bergeries de l’Onda

Follow the red and white paint

Punta Muratello

It was a long, long way down and we finally got to the little town of Vizzavone. There is a train station, a couple restaurants, refuge, hotel and camping. A one hour train ride goes to “the mountain citadel town of Corte was once the capital of Corsica, and it remains a place of Corsican culture.” There are lots of hotels there and it sounded like a perfect place for a zero. 

Our dreams of a bed, hot shower, laundry and luxury didn’t work out. It’s Friday night and everything under €300 was booked. Even in Vizzavone the hotel was “complete.” So we are camping by the railroad tracks, took a cold shower and washed clothes in the sink. It really isn’t bad. The campground has a good grocery store. The shower wasn’t icy cold, just not even lukewarm.  There are lots of other hikers here which are fun to talk to. Many are going the opposite direction so we have some knowledge of the 2nd half. It should be easier. We had a fun dinner with other hikers.  And the trains don’t run at night.

4 thoughts on “​GR 20 Day 6 – Halfway at Vizzavone   – September 8, 2017

  1. Warren

    Badass old(er) women are so cool! And of course I say this with all due respect. Nancy, so much fun to read about your exploits. Much respect. -Jim, you too.


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