​GR 20 Day 5 – Lots and Lots of Rocks  – September 7, 2017

Refuge de Manganu to Bergeries de l’Onda 
Distance 21 km (12 3/4 miles)
Total ascent 1480 meters (4860 ft)

Total descent  1650 meters, (5418 ft)     

Guidebook Estimated Time  12 hrs 

Our time with breaks  7:30 to 6pm
1. Start Refuge de Manganu Finish Refuge de Petra Piana Distance 10km (6 miles) Total ascent 980m (3220ft) Total descent 740m (2430ft) Time 7hrs 
Views beyond the gap are magnificent, taking in the twin lakes of Lac de Capitellu and Lac du Melo. There are some awkward slabs, boulders, gullies and short scrambles to negotiate while traversing the high ridges to reach another high gap called Bocca Muzzella,
2. Start Refuge de Petra Piana Finish Refuge de l’Onda Distance 11km (6 ¾ miles) Total ascent 500m (1640ft) Total descent 910m (2985ft) Time 5hrs Terrain Steep and rugged slopes at the start and finish, but relatively easy forest and woodland paths for most of the way.
We woke up to the most condensation yet. Yesterday I pushed hard to go as fast as I could over the easier trail. Today I felt sluggish all day. I just never got into the groove. 

We had a hard climb up to Bocca a e Porte, at an altitude of 2225m (7300ft) but were rewarded with great views. 

Bocca a e Porte

Lac de Capitellu

The next section had a few places with chains which really helped. Other places I just had to be creative with how I could lift myself up or down and over some boulders, slots or cracks. 

Bottleneck at the chains

My turn

We traversed this

The second half of the day was just hard work and I felt like it was a bit of a death march. We finally got to the Bergeries de l’Onda which had camping on flat green grass! The grassy area was enclosed with a fence to keep out the donkeys and sheep. I took a cold shower which revived me. We bought jarred bolonaise sauce and cooked another great dinner. With wine it was just what I needed. 

Space for more tents and more tents did arrive.

4 thoughts on “​GR 20 Day 5 – Lots and Lots of Rocks  – September 7, 2017

  1. Warren

    The picture three from the last looks like Triangle Lake. Don’t really dig on the hand holds. Surprised you covered so many miles with all the steep rocky climbs. I just wrote that and then realized you did just over a mile per hour. That must have been a long hard day.


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