​VA1 Day 9 – A Steinbock on Sefinenfurke Pass – August 23, 2017

Kleine Scheidegg to 2 km before Griesalp
Day total: 20 km walk plus 7 km train-cable car-train from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen to Mürren.
VA1 total: 203.5 km walking

The Bahnhof and the Jungfrau

It was another spectacularly clear day. We wanted to make the most of it and get over the next pass. The weather is forecasted to change with rain tomorrow around 6.  Plus steep gravel roads with few views aren’t fun downhills. And uphill in the trees is like walking in a sauna. So we used some alternative modes of locomotion. 

We walked down to Wengen. The last part was on slippery gravel road in a forest. We had enough of that so we took a train to Lauterbrunnen then a cable car and train to Mürren. 

Looking down on Lauterbrunnen from the train window

Mürren is totally a tourist town with great views of the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau and more. Slalom skiing was invented here in 1922. Since 1928 they have held a downhill ski race from the Shilthorn down to Lauterbrunnen….. 2170 meters down. Insane!

My favorite tourist in Mürren

The walk from Mürren was just a beautiful walk.

We have see lots of parasailors

We took a break at Rotstock Hut which is owned by the Swiss ski club. 

On our way up the Sefinenfurke Pass Jim finally spotted two steinbock (ibex). He has been searching for one since we got to Switzerland. The first was a female. The 2nd was a buck with huge antlers. If he hadn’t pointed them out I never would have seen it. Both were way too far away to photograph. 

The way up the pass was over loose shale and scree but had a clear path thru it. The top of the pass Sefinenfurke is at 2612m. 

The way down started with the longest wooden stairway I’ve ever seen. 

We are now camped on a flat piece of grass we found near a stream. No farm animals are around. We are sure to have condensation. But it is time to sleep. 

A not so stealthy stealth camp

2 thoughts on “​VA1 Day 9 – A Steinbock on Sefinenfurke Pass – August 23, 2017

  1. Warren

    Your opening photo is just stunning. And the terrain is so beautiful.

    My favorite tourist in Murren too!

    Stairs suck…….


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