​VA1 Day 7 –  – August 21, 2017

The Trübsee to just past Zwirgi 983m

Day total: 34 km
VA1 total: 154.5 km

Sleeping in the church was perfect. It sure did echo tho. And yes we left a donation. 
It was clear this morning (finally!) so we could see the top of Titlis and all its glaciers. It was also really cold with frost on the ground. 


Titlis with the gondola towers on the smaller summit

We hiked up to Jochpass where we had a coffee and spent some time reading the guidebook for the next 2 days.

Almost always there is an easier way to the top. We just beat the first chairlift up.



We had much better views today but it was still a bit foggy. 




The bottom is the town of Meiringen. We could have taken the Planplatten gondola down but we walked. The arrow points to tomorrow’s pass, Grosse Scheidegg. The Wetterhorn is to it’s left and the Eiger is beyond.

It was 1600 meters down to Meiringen which is famous for Sherlock Holmes. 

Sherlock Holmes

Climbers are famous also. Notice the long ice axes.

We stopped at the grocery store. On our way out of town we bought a half rotisserie chicken and devoured it on the spot.

Then it was uphill past the Reichenbach Falls and past Zwirgi where we found a place to pitch our tents. 

3 thoughts on “​VA1 Day 7 –  – August 21, 2017

  1. Lauren Spitz

    I am so thoroughly enjoying your blog and pictures! I loved the Alps when I was there this summer, and would love to go back in the very near future!


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