​VA1 Day 5 – Tourist Day – August 19, 2017

Unterschächen to Altdorf and Attinghausen by bus plus cable-car to Brüsti

Day total: 0 walking + 18 km bus and cable car
VA1 total: 93.5 km of walking
As predicted it rained with thunder and lightening last night. It cleared up some during the day but it’s been raining hard for hours since before dinner. 

This morning in Unterschächen

We jumped ahead today by bus and cable car. We skipped a walk along a road and a walk uphill in a forest. We gained a much needed rest day and got to play tourist.
Altdorf is famous for being the site of William Tell’s bow and arrow shot of an apple off his son’s head. There is a big statue and clock/bell tower in the town square. 

View of Altdorf from the top od the tower

Street art

Jim bought a new pair of shoes and I finally found a Black Diamond replacement tip for one of my trekking poles. 

Swiss style hitching

We are staying in the tiny settlement of Brüsti at the Berggasthaus Z’Graggen. Bed and breakfast is CHF 40 each and once again we have our own bunkroom. We decided to eat dinner here and feel like it was the biggest waste of $30 each. We got a small cup of potato and bean soup and risotto that was average. There was a big group here for dinner also. They got all the attention while we were mostly ignored. The rudeness was just so different than what we have received everywhere else that it was shocking. Oh well. 

It’s raining hard outside

One interesting note…. we saw our first other American tourists today. Four people from New Jersey.

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    1. nancyhikes Post author

      On my Samsung S5 I just hold the letter down and up pops all the options…. umlauts, forward accents, backward accents, etc. I figured it out after I got to Switzerland so all my Pyrenees accents are missing.


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