​VA1 Day 4 – Klausenpass – August 18, 2017

Nussbüel to Unterschächen
Day total: 25.5 km

VA1 total: 93.5 km

Morning view from my tent. Yay! It’s clear.

Klausenpass is in the distance.

Thanks to this man for refreshing the paint marking our trail.

The Village of Urnerboden where we dried out our tents and bought and ate some yogurt and fruit.

Lots of glaciers.

On the way up to Klausenpass


We took the old Alpine Pass Route down to the hamlet of Äsch and Stäubifall…..

The hamlet of Äsch and Stäubifall

We walked further down valley to the village of Unterschächen where we checked into the Hotel Alpina.

We are staying in a dorm room on the top floor. There are 4 rooms with 7 or 8 beds in each. We have it all to ourselves. CHF 40 for bed and breakfast. We took our first shower of the hike. It’s been really humid and it was wonderful to wash all the sweat off. We ate in the restaurant and I had rösti with ham, onions and cheese. Yum! I can’t believe how much cheese I have eaten since I got to Europe. 

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