​VA1 Day 3 – Richetlipass – August 17, 2017

Ampächli to just before Nussbüel 
Day total: 28 km

VA1 total: 68 km
Sleeping in the teepee was perfect. I slept well and it was easy to pack up all dry in the morning. It didn’t rain last night either.
The first restaurant was only 20 minutes away. They weren’t open yet but we could get coffee which is  all we wanted anyway. 

It’s so green

The first pass was unnamed but pointed the way back to elm.

From the unnamed pass, down and up to Richetlipass

The climb up Richetlipass was gorgeous and pretty easy with nice trail. 

Then it was steep down to a farm where we got coffee and asked for 100 grams of their cheese. We got a plate of cheese, tomato, pickle, bread, butter and a pitcher of fresh milk/cream. All for “only” CHF10. And the coffee was instant. Definitely a case of it’s more important where you drink it than what you are drinking. 

In Linthal we bought food for dinner, breakfast and lunch. We probably don’t even need that much since there is another grocery store tomorrow.  I am loving that my pack is staying light. 



We are finally camping in Switzerland.  We had to walk farther than we wanted but we finally got out of the area with houses and found a grassy knoll with no animals. 


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