​HRP Day 43 –  Finish at Banyuls-Sur-Mer – August 13, 2017

Saddle after Pic de Sailfort to the Mediterranean at Banyuls-Sur-Mer 
We got up early enough to enjoy a spectacular sunrise. 

On the way down we crossed paths with Maurice. He is about 72 and is a running legend around here. He spoke a rapid mix of French and Spanish to us. We got about 10% of it but it was fun to watch how animated he was. 

Notice the difference in what we are wearing. Maurice is running uphill. I’m walking downhill.

Getting closer

The GR10 and the HRP share the same starting and ending points. Only the GR10 has an official art piece for the ends so I had to modify this one.

We emptied our little bottles of Atlantic Ocean into the Mediterranean and then emerged ourselves in the warm water. 

We went to find something to eat and found Pierre, Mailys, and 4 others who had just finished the day before. We joined them for lunch and ate big steaks. 
Later we ate pizza and drank wine with Brian and Joanna. I just love the chance meetings and re-meetings while hiking long trails. 

We are staying at Hotel Canal. It’s about the cheapest place in town. We got one of the last 2 rooms. It’s basic but good enough. 
We spent some of the afternoon making train reservations.  We are hiking the Alpine Pass Route in Switzerland.  Going from one small town to another requires lots of transfers. We are spending the night in Geneva which is about half way.
I get new shoes tomorrow!  They are waiting at the post office for me. Thanks to Paul and Chantal for mailing them.

10 thoughts on “​HRP Day 43 –  Finish at Banyuls-Sur-Mer – August 13, 2017


    Bonjour, Dany et moi avons suivi votre périple… J’ai retrouvé avec plaisir beaucoup de lieux que j’ai traversés. Merci pour nous avoir fait partagé votre périple. Amicalement. Michel Hello, Dany and I followed your trek … I found with pleasure many places that I crossed. Thank you for sharing your trip. Sincerely Envoyé de mon iPhone


  2. Sarah

    Congratulations! I am very excited to see your next adventure on the Via Alpina-Switzerland. That remains one of my all-time favorite hikes!

  3. jerrywh

    Well done, both of you! It is a fine achievement to finish the HRP at all, never mind as quickly as you have, and I really enjoyed following you (and Erin) along the trail I know so well. It was almost like doing it again myself!
    I hope you have a lot of fun on the GR5. Erin has already left one or two things for you to find 🙂

  4. Warren

    You gotta love the difference in hiker attire, ha.

    Congrats on the big finish and the big steak. Big steak is mandatory.


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