​HRP Day 38 – Easy Walking In and Out of the Fog  – August 8, 2017

Refugio d’Ull de Ter to Cabane Arago

Refugio d’Ull de Ter

Today was the easiest walking of the whole trail. Smooth trail. Easy navigation. Few rocks. Not much elevation change. And we had gorgeous views…. when it wasn’t foggy.

I know we were missing views because of the fog but I just loved how mystical it was. The views were constantly changing.

We got omelettes for 2nd lunch at Refuge de Mariailles and then got take away sandwiches for dinner.

We wanted to get closer to Pic du Carigou which we are climbing tomorrow. We are hoping to get ahead of all the people we expect to be climbing from the other side. Our plan was to hike 2 more hours and camp near a cabane which has a water source.  It rained off and on and my umbrella made that no big deal. The fog came in and we couldn’t see much.  When we got to  the cabane it was empty. And nice. The option of sleeping inside and not having to deal with wet tents in the morning was impossible to resist. The book said it could sleep 3 but it had been remodeled and now sleeps 5. 

3 young frenchmen soon showed up and joined us in the cabane. They all speak English so it was nice to interact. They all had big days today and are going the opposite way so they are planning to sleep in. We warned them that we are getting up early. 
It’s very foggy outside and we are hoping that it will clear. The forecast is for rain in the afternoon tomorrow which should give us plenty of time to get up and over the mountain.

4 thoughts on “​HRP Day 38 – Easy Walking In and Out of the Fog  – August 8, 2017

  1. Lynn Duncan

    I keep forgetting to mention how much I like the stone walls of so many buildings in your pictures!

    Don’t see much of that here in So Cal due to the potential for earthquakes.

  2. Warren

    Nice looking walk. Do like the buildings too. We’d just have that as a facade here in sunny SoCal since a little shaker would have that type of construction on the ground pronto.

  3. Lynn Duncan

    Yep.. Older buildings need extensive retrofitting for quake safety.

    I remember, I think it was in Coalinga, where the whole downtown collapsed.. Older brick buildings..


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