​HRP Day 36 – Bed Hopping Thru the Raindrops  – August 6, 2017

The Village of Boquere to the Village of Eyne

We woke the thunder, lightening and heavy rain at 2:30am. It was still going at 6 when we were going to get up. The weather forecast isn’t very good for the next few days. The next section is mostly above the trees and includes a long ridgeline walk on the French/Spanish border. That means very high, very exposed and NOT where you want to be in a thunderstorm. What to do?
My body and our schedule  (we don’t have one) can handle a day off. We looked at lots of weather sites and it looks like there are some breaks where we can safely make forward progress. There are also refuges which make a long wet day less miserable at the end. 
The village of Eyne is one hour away. The book lists a great Gite there but a phone call only had a recording in French (of course, this is France.) We had the lady from the Auberge call and she said the recording said they were open and had beds available. 
So we left but not before we checked out the Catalonian festival by the church. We stopped at the store also. It is open Sunday morning from 8:30 til noon.

I have no idea about the significance of these festival figures

Dancing by the church

On our way out of town we saw this cool sign….

This is for the GR10 not the HRP but the Mediteranean is only 155 kilometers away

Just a couple of mountains stand in our way.

We walked in sun and clouds to Eyne and stopped at the gite. It was closed for a family wedding. Bummer. The owner said she knew of someplace in the village who rents out beds. So we are there and it’s perfect. The book also says no services in the village. But there is a great bar/restaurant that served us lunch after 2pm! It was great. 

We are just taking the next few days one day at a time and plan to stop at the refuges thinking they will be better in thunderstorms and they have lots of food. 

Oh, once we left town it never rained today. Maybe the storm is over. Fingers crossed. 

3 thoughts on “​HRP Day 36 – Bed Hopping Thru the Raindrops  – August 6, 2017

  1. jerrywh

    Yes, why hurry? You will probably not pass this way again so make the most of it, is my motto.
    The comment I put on yesterday’s entry still applies.. ie you have some lovely bits to come, next couple of days. Long climb though up to the col d’Eyne!

  2. lauramahanes

    The tall puppets are “gegants i capgrossos”. The dancing in front of the church is “sardana”.
    Easier for you to google or wiki both of them, than for me to explain here. The catalans have many interesting traditions, most having to do with emphasizing community. Hope you get a chance to see “castells” (human towers). Love reading your blog, thanks.


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