​HRP Day 34 – Smooth Day  – August 4, 2017

l’Hospitalet-Pres-l’Andorre to 1 hour before Etang des Fourats

Yesterday we got to the village just after 6 when the store closed. It didn’t open til 8 so that guaranteed a nice slow start to the morning. We only needed a few things. For being so small the store had everything we might want. We ate breakfast at the Gite but could have eaten here. We walked out of town at 10. 

It was a nice gentle shaded walk up to the Refuge des Basines where we had soup and an omelette for lunch.

Then we had lots of elevation gain but it was more gradual and less rocky than most days.

Tomorrow’s Pic Carlit is in the middle

Tomorrow we hike up Pic Carlin 2921 m. We positioned ourselves perfectly for a morning summit. We quit walking before 6 and set up our tents near a stream, sheltered from the light wind and with a view of the mountain. We watched the sun and clouds change the look of the peak while we ate dinner. This is our best campsite yet.  

3 thoughts on “​HRP Day 34 – Smooth Day  – August 4, 2017

  1. French family

    Very steep the Puig Carlit isn’t it ?
    You are not far from the end. Tenez bon ! Don’t forget to take enough water next days. Mediterranean Pyrénées are very dry.

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      Yes, very steep. It’s really intimidating looking up at it. Have your kids climbed that one also? We have a friend who just finished the HRP. She has given us detailed notes on the water. We will be carrying more. UGH!


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