​HRP Day 30 – Windy Day on the GR11  – July 31, 2017

Refugi del Cinquantenari/Baborte to Refugi Coma Pedrosa

Last night wasn’t the best sleep. The cows kept us up til 10:45. Then the wind came up and the gusts would make the tent flap. 5:30 rain. 6:30 dry and sky mostly clear. I’ll never be able to predict the weather.

After the rain.

Looking back at Refugi del Cinquantenari/Baborte

We had a sweet down then some up to Refugi de Vall Ferrera. This refugi is an out and back but we needed to get lunch. We were hoping for omelettes but only sandwiches were available. So coffee and sandwiches it was. We took a 2 hour break. Unlike many of the other refuges no charging was possible. 

Refugi de Vall Ferrera

We followed the GR 11 all day. That meant no route finding because it is so well marked.

When we reached Refugi de Baiau, an unmanned refugi, it was super windy. I was tired so we took a break for over an hour. Then our major climb started to the Port del Baiau where we entered Andorra. The first part was on big stable rocks. The 2nd part was very steep and over very loose rock which was made even harder by the strong wind. Luckily the very last part had a band of solid rock on one side with good handholds.

Filtering water at Estany del Baiau

The arrow points to Port del Baiau

The rocks got looser and looser and smaller and smaller

If you look closely you can see ma holding tightly to the side rock

The downhill was way better

We got to Refugi de Coma Pedrosa at 6:30. 

We took hot showers. The tokens last only 2 minutes but rinsed all the sweat off.  Dinner was chicken noodle soup and sausage with rice and ratatouille. Good not great. We ate dinner with a couple from Paris. He is origially from Andorra so he could answer all our questions about the country. We drank wine from a purro, a Catalonian glass wine flask.

It’s harder than it looks. This is bad technique. You should see a stream of wine going in my mouth. We drank most of it out of glasses.

It’s windy outside and we need to sleep after not sleeping well last night. We are in a big dorm room for 24. 4 couples are in here and we each have a corner of the room. There are lots of windows and the one near me is open. 

3 thoughts on “​HRP Day 30 – Windy Day on the GR11  – July 31, 2017

  1. Carrie Hyatt

    You know that I don’t know much about gear – my favorite has always been yours 🙂 – but I do love the Sawyer filter…use it when I run in the mountains!


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