​HRP Day 26 – In and Out of Salardu  – July 27, 2017

Estany deth Cap deth Port to just past the ski area parking lot above Salardu
Last night was the coldest of the whole trip.  Several times I awoke and had to retuck my sleeping bag around me. 

Above Estany deth Cap deth Port

We immediately started climbing up to the Col de Crestada 2475

This rocky terrain is what we have been walking over. It’s the reason my feet, ankles and knees are sore.

We descended to this lake….

….and then climbed up to the nextpass, Port de Caldes 2560 meters. Lots of other hikers were up there. 

Port de Caldes. Jim’s thumb is pointing to Aneto

Then we had the long walk downhill to Salardu  which included a 7k on road walk. The store was closed when we got there and didn’t open til 5. We thought one restaurant was open til 5 but that wasn’t the case. We were able to get a sandwich for me and burger for Jim at the refugi in town. They were good. The store was better than expected but we only needed a few things. 
Richard and Patsy were taking a zero in Salardu so we got to see them and compare notes on the extreme days. They were one day behind us.

We left Salardu at 6:30pm and climbed up to the ski resort. It was much easier than expected and much of it was shaded or had great views. 

We found flat spots and set up our tents. 

9 thoughts on “​HRP Day 26 – In and Out of Salardu  – July 27, 2017

  1. Julie Mansfield

    Thanks for the blog, am enjoying following your adventures and dreaming that maybe I could do it too!

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      You could. The hardest part of making dreams come true is taking the firstcstep. And finding/making time to do it. Go for it. I will help in any way I can.

  2. Rachel Novak

    So beautiful! Those rocks do take their toll on the body don’t they? Thank you so much, Nancy, for writing the blog and letting us follow along with you and Jim.

      1. Warren

        Do you sleep warm and or are you using other insulation items like your jacket? Down pants, etc. Just curious.

      2. nancyhikes Post author

        Just thin merino top, bottom and socks. I don’t think I sleep particularly warm. I mostly get cold. I have found it very important to control any air leaks from the warmed air inside the sleeping bag. Not enough and you can sweat and get cold. Too much and you get cold.

  3. jerrywh

    I admire your press-on attitude, Nancy.. I took a rest day in Salardu and found it a nice little town with a couple of really good restaurants and hotels. I didn’t have Paul & Chantal to provide a little trail magic, though 🙂


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