​HRP Day 25 – Heavy Packs and Dead Legs  – July 26, 2017

Hospital de Vielha to near Estany deth Cap deth Port

After more delicious coffee and a big breakfast Paul and Chantal drove us back to the trail. A HUGE THANK YOU!

The climb up Port de Ruis wasn’t particularly hard but my legs never got into it. I’m sure a lot had to do with the fact that my pack is the heaviest it’s been on this hike. The weather was perfect. It was a touch cold standing still but great for climbing. We could look back and see where we were hiking a couple days ago. 

Estany Tort de Rius

We turned off the GR 11 and walked by 2 gorgeous lakes. 

Thanks for the sandwich, Paul and Chantal

We crossed the Collado d’Estany de Mar and could look down on the next lake.

Estany de Mar

After a long rocky downhill we got to Refugio de la Restanca where we ate an early dinner at 4:30. We had soup that wasn’t very good and a ham and cheese sandwich which was ok. But we didn’t have to carry it. 

Then we walked uphill to another lake and are camped in a sheltered spot near some trees. It’s an early night to sleep. No way will I see sunset. 

5 thoughts on “​HRP Day 25 – Heavy Packs and Dead Legs  – July 26, 2017

      1. Lynn Duncan

        Hike, not bike!

        I love that they were serial hosts to Wired, then you, and they of course are real hikers.. They sure live in hiking paradise.

  1. Warren

    So I noticed that Jim is giving us the three fingers. Any significance to that or just reading too much into it?


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