​HRP Day 22 – One More E Day and Down to Paradise  – July 23, 2017

Plateau of Aiguallut to Hospital de Vielha

Morning view from my tent

The morning was spent climbing up to Coll de Mulleres (2928 meters). 

We squeezed thru this crack… snow on the left, rock on the right.

Views are everywhere.

The arrow is pointing to the Coll de Mulleres

We finally reached the Coll de Mulleres. And I forgot to take a picture. We were too intent on choosing the best way down. 

Down climbing from the coll

Looking back up at Coll de Mulleres

Then the long downhill started. And the weather started to change a bit.

One of the sandwiches we but yesterday. Yep, I ate the whole thing.

With my inReach and phone I texted Paul to let him know where we were. 2+ more hours!

The views were more constant today and the weather was better but it wasn’t quite as intense or magical. That’s OK because I can only handle so much intensity.  

Chantal and Paul have hiked the PCT and CDT and are blog followers of Wired. They live an hour from where we ended today. After they offered to host Wired she asked them if they wanted to also host us. They said yes. I can’t believe how lucky we are. The last 3 days have been the hardest 3 of the HRP. I need some rest! They met us with beer and sandwiches. As soon as we got in the car Paul said we needed to spend 3 nights (2 zeroes) with them. How could we argue? There is nothing like hikers hosting hikers. They know exactly what we want and need. It’s been interesting to talk trail with them. We have lots in common. 

Chantal, me and Paul. Notice the stickers on the window.


9 thoughts on “​HRP Day 22 – One More E Day and Down to Paradise  – July 23, 2017

  1. Lynn Duncan

    Yess!! Three days with Paul and Chantal. I know Wired let you know to be prepared to eat!

    I noticed the stickers in their picture with Wired, and again with you.

  2. Louis

    Glad you made it down the Col the first 20 meters are a bit dicey . And it is a long long way down afterward. Enjoy !

  3. Warren

    The Central Valley is on fire with temps over a hundred. I’m with you Nancy.

    I noticed the trail logo’s on your host’s vehicles too. You’ve been blessed with all the trail hospitality.

    That sandwich looked good!


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