​HRP Day 18 – Decision Time at Refugio de Viados – July 19, 2017

Parzan to Refugio de Viados

Grade 2

1500 meters Ascent

860 meters descent
We followed the GR 11 all day. That meant easy navigation and dirt road or trail the whole way. Plus more people which was fun. 

We walked a dirt road for the first half of the day all the way to the top, Paso de Los Caballos. Part way up we passed the Brits, Poppy and Freddy. They were taking a break and soon zipped by us. It rained for much of the climb. Umbrellas were perfect since there wasn’t much wind. At the top it was very windy and cold. 

Power plant on the way up

Just past the top there was a small cabane. Inside were a German woman and Basque man. They are hiking the GR11 westbound. The Basque made me a cup of coffee. Sweet! Later 2 French who are hiking the HRP from the Mediteranean stuck their heads in. Just as we were leaving 2 Belgian women showed up. It’s a small cabane so it was crowded… and really nice to be out of the wind.

Coffee shop cabane

Of course once we started walking again it started raining, then hailing. The umbrella still worked for most of it but I had to really angle it into the wind. No hands free mode.

Once it stopped raining we stopped at another cabane for lunch. Richard and Patsy who we last saw at Refuge Bayssellance were there. We walked together to the Refugio de Viados where we are all eating and sleeping. There is even a charging station here. And a hot shower.

The refugio looks out on the west face of Pico de Posets (3375m) the 2nd highest summit in the Pyrenees.  The light on the face of the mountain was constantly changing and I took a bunch of photos. 

Tomorrow morning is decision time. And it all depends on weather. We either continue on the HRP with 3 extreme days or stay lower on the GR11. We will check the weather again in the morning. The Brits made their decision today. They are going for it and left this afternoon to hike to one of 2 cabanes 2 or 4 hours away. I hope I hear from them to see how it goes.

Freddy and Poppy getting ready to GO FOR IT!

We are sleeping in a room for 8. There are 6 people. I am next to window. One of the men wanted to shut the window as we were all settling in. I told him it had to stay open. I need fresh air! 

5 thoughts on “​HRP Day 18 – Decision Time at Refugio de Viados – July 19, 2017

  1. jerrywh

    Oh, do go for it, if you can Nancy! I’m sure you can do it.
    I did not like Refugio Viados, very bossy staff … I’m glad that you seem to have fared better!


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