​​HRP Day 17 – It’s Always Down to Town  – July 18, 2017

Cabane d’Aguillous to Parzan
I slept great. We had done most of the climb yesterday so it should have been quick to the top. Instead we made it longer by going a circuitous way to the top of Horquette de Heas.

This descent would have been sketchy if it was wet.

Then it was over to the Horquette  de Chermentas where we met 2 Frenchmen hiking a high route of there own design going the opposite way. 

The Barroude Wall and Lacs de Barroude were impressive.

We had one more pass to cross and then it was a long downhill. 

The final 5 km were on paved road. Never fun especially when it’s hot. My umbrella helped. 
We are staying at Mason Le Fuen. When I got here I needed to just lay down for awhile.  Then we did our resupply at the 3 supermercados in town. We are in Spain and alcohol is cheap here. Lots of border towns have these supermarkets. But they don’t have that much food in them resupply is a challenge. We will be relying on Refugio food. 
We met up with the Dutch guys. They might go canyoneering or rafting tomorrow so we might not see them again. We also met an English couple also doing the HRP. They started the day after we did. 

I’m not sure they understood when I called them hiker trash.

3 thoughts on “​​HRP Day 17 – It’s Always Down to Town  – July 18, 2017

  1. Warren

    I’ll take your word on sketchy, you’re way more experienced than most and I totally believe you.
    Hope you find the food at the Refugio’s awesome.


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