​HRP Day 9 – Finding Our Way to Candanchu  – July 10, 2017

Refugio  d’Arlet to Candanchu

The sky was totally clear when we went to sleep. At 2:30 am it started to rain. The intensity increased until it was like a fire hose hitting the tent. For an hour it continued with the addition of thunder and lightening. Then I fell back to sleep and it was almost dry in the morning. There is no way I’m going to be able to predict this weather.

The views this morning were fantastic.

The lake in front of the refugio. The sky was so clear after the rain.

We walked right in front of a shepherd’s house selling cheese. We walked right thru pigs and cows. A woman was milking sheep. I should have gotten a photo.
This area was foggy and confusing. 

Jim and I caught up to Johan and then walked past him. The book description didn’t really match the gps track we are using.  We waited for him. He never showed up. Later he said he got lost 3 times. At dinner another couple from the Refugio last night said they also got turned around.

Lac d’Estaens

We ate lunch at Lac d’Estaens. Since it was partly sunny we dried our tents. Last night the floor of my tent leaked. I was able to find and patch 3 holes.
As we left the lake the fog rolled in. 

We walked into the fog and on to Candanchu.

Candanchu is a ski resort which is mostly closed up in summer. Its not cute but had what we needed. We saw one restaurant which we went to for before dinner drinks. This is also on the GR 11 and one of the Caminos so there are a couple of places to sleep that hold lots of people. It’s group sleeping. Showers too. And dinner and breakfast. 
We resupplied at Supermercado el Bozo for the next 5 days. I’m super glad we are planning on Refugio dinners. There was enough to resupply but not much variety. I did notice fuel canisters for sale if a future hiker wants to know.
We are staying in Refugio El Aguila. There are only 10 guests. It can sleep way more…. like 80. All but 2 were also in Refugio last night. 

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