​HRP Day 10 – It’s All About Pic du Midi  – July 11, 2017

Candanchu to Refuge de Pombie

What a day. Clear skies. Great views. Higher mountains. Relatively easy terrain. An early finish to the day…. 3:30. And good enough mobile signal to update my blog.

Our first pass of the day and first view of Pic du Midi. We ended the day on the other side and at its base.


Cow, horse and donkey bells echoed off the rock walls creating a very unusual sound.

Milk jugs cooling in ice cold water. Great water source.

Getting closer

Sharing the trail.

Refuge de Pombie. We slept in the 16 person white tent to the left. It should be much more ventilated than the refuge.

Patsy serves up dinner. Stewed pork with couscous. Plus soup and orange cake with chocolate sauce. 2nds and 3rds are available

Several climbers are in our tent. They are climbing Pic du Midi tomorrow.

One final shot of the mountain’s shadow showing its double peak.

Today is the end of the easy days and early finishes. Tomorrow we have our first “extreme” day. That’s how the guidebook describes it. We end at another Refuge so a great dinner will be our reward.

15 thoughts on “​HRP Day 10 – It’s All About Pic du Midi  – July 11, 2017

  1. Warren

    “We end at another Refuge so a great dinner will be our reward.” I always look forward to that part of the day!

  2. JerryW

    I hope you like the refuge de Arremoulits.. it is unique. Primitive! One of the oldest refuges in the whole Pyrenees – but very welcoming.
    Good luck with the passage dOrteig! It is scary but not that dangerous.

  3. Lucy Grittman

    Anxious to see what tomorrow brings. Beautiful pictures so far and glad it has been leisurely for you.

  4. BeeKeeper

    How much do you treat water? Is it easy to know when it’s required?

    I’m liking this type of social hiking. Definitely would be a budget breaker for most but what an enjoyable way to travel.

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      There are always farm animals around so I always treat water (sawyer squeeze) from streams. Most refuges are spring fed and I haven’t been treating that. So far it’s working.

  5. rambler1959

    Those refugios look awesome. It’s a great way to hike and meet interesting people if you’re so inclined. Do you think those beds would be long enough for me?

    1. JerryW

      Yes they assess plenty long enough… but the only time I’ve had insect bites in the Pyrenees, they happened indoors 😉


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