​HRP Day 7 – Short Downhill a walk to Lescun Village – July 8, 2017

Source of the Marmitou to Lescun Village

It rained a little last night but was all dry this morning. 

About a kilometer out of town we met up with JB, a 36 year old Frenchman who is also hiking the HRP. 

Just as we entered the village he stopped to buy cheese and we got some too. It’s a combination cow/goat cheese and we got to taste before buying. Fun experience. 

There are lots of visitors in town. Many hikers and even a bachelor party. We stayed at the Gite part of Hotel Pic d’Anie. Thanks to Wired for calling ahead and getting the last room. We resupplied at the store across the street.

We ate at Bar des Burgers and sat at a table with Johan. He is Dutch and is hiking a section of the HRP that he had to skip on a previous trip. We will probably see him again. Great conversation and great food.

6 thoughts on “​HRP Day 7 – Short Downhill a walk to Lescun Village – July 8, 2017

  1. JerryW

    Glad you liked the bar des bergers Nancy. It’s very French!
    You are doing really well.. Anyone who can climb the pic d’Orhy, including that down-and-up bit, can do the hrp.
    The lack of pep you mentioned might be altitude related, in which case it should disappear any time soon. You will fly up the col de Pau!

    1. lauramahanes

      A French proverb – There is a different cheese for each day of the year. Also, don’t miss trying Gateau Basque, cream filled or black cherry. A yummy treat.
      Love following you and Wired in one of my favorite parts of the world.

  2. Warren

    Great intro picture. What lovely country and the Iris? is lovely too.
    That meal looked really good too!


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