​HRP Day 4 – Expectations are Everything. Or Nothing – July 5, 2017

30 minutes past Col de Roncevaux to Chalet Pedro
7:30 am to 7:30 PM

The Pyrenees are steep and they are kicking my butt. And we haven’t hit the high Pyrenees yet. Yikes. The views have been grand so that is the reward. 

It was really windy last night. That made everything super dry but it was also very noisy. Luckily we were somewhat protected by the trees. 

This morning we finished the climb out of Roncevaux. It’s so much easier  with fresh legs. At the top of the climb who do we see putting on her pack? Wired!  

Walking by another border stone. You can see it along the fence just in front of Wired.

A cromlech which is a circle of tombstones.

Taking a break before more climbing

We had 2 major climbs and the 2nd one had some frustrating navigation challenges. We are still learning when to use the various resources we have to find our way. 

Road walking while looking at our first major climb

Near the bottom of the 2nd climb.

There aren’t a lot of water sources out here and they are definitely a factor in deciding how far to go each day. Just because the day is harder than expected we can’t just stop and camp if we haven’t been carrying enough water. 
Jim and I had planned to eat dinner at Chalet Pedro, our end point for the day. It’s a restaurant/bar/accommodation place on the GR10. It was closed. We missed it by 30 minutes. Bummer. I wanted a shower more than food. The owners weren’t around so we got nothing. We are all camped nearby and washed up in the creek. I’m tired and clean enough to sleep well. 

8 thoughts on “​HRP Day 4 – Expectations are Everything. Or Nothing – July 5, 2017

  1. Warren

    Climb, climb, climb. Descend, descend, descend. -Apparently the views are worth it!!

    Hopefully you can get into a better rhythm with your food stops.

    1. nancyhikes Post author

      Before I left home I read your blog and took notes. Especially about the food and where you stayed. And then I left my notes at home. If I have time in Gavarnie I will read it again. Thanks for being so thorough.


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