​HRP Day 3 – Hot and Steep – July 4, 2017

High on a ridge an hour past Arizkun, Spain, to 30 minutes past Col de Roncevaux

We awoke above the fog.

I found a tick on my lower leg. I know it wasn’t there last night. I pulled it off using my tweezers. It tried to run away so I’m sure I got it all out. Now I need to keep my fingers crossed I don’t get Lyme disease or any of the awful tick borne diseases. Ugh.

We walked into the town of Les Aldudes about 10:30. Jim and I immediately sat down and got a coffee. 

Wired went directly to the store and left. She understandably wants to hike to her own rhythm and hanging around a village isn’t her thing. Hopefully we will see each other on this hike again. Most likely we will overlap in Lescun the first “major” town we come to. 
While drinking coffee and letting my phone charge, we planned our food needs for next several days…. to Lescun.
The store is at the gas/petrol station. Fresh fruit, veggies, bread (need to ask for it), and a bunch of other stuff.  Definitely different choices than what I’m used to but it worked and was better for me than carrying it all from the start. We needed 3 each of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
We ate lunch at a bar/restaurant. It had really good wifi but we didn’t use it much. I had a great salad with salami, walnuts, and cheese bread. 

We loaded up with water and started climbing out of town at 2. The hottest part of the hottest day yet. 

Luckily there was a slight breeze and some of it was in the trees. Later we passed by a couple of great water faucets. I washed my hiking shirt and my head in the 2nd one. My wet shirt and wet hat made me feel like a new person. We then had to climb up Redoute de Linux at 1220 meters. We ate dinner of bread, cheese, salami and tomato up there. 

On top of Redoute de Linux

We intersected the Camino de Santiago at Col de Roncevaux and kept walking til 9. 

It’s light til after 10 so it’s easy to walk that late. But I don’t think it will be very easy to get up in the morning! We’re camped in the beech trees. I don’t think we will be above the fog in the morning. It’s clear now but it seems to form every morning anyway.  It’s pretty windy. We are somewhat protected but it’s still pretty airy in the tent. 

Next morning photo.

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