​HRP Day 2 – Timing is Everything – July 3, 2017

Col de Lizuniaga, Spain to high on a ridge an hour past Arizkun, Spain.
The morning was foggy but cleared up quickly.

It is so green here….

The plan was to eat lunch or dinner in Arizkun at one of the 2 restaurants.

There are also 2 small stores that we wanted to check out. We got there at 3. It looked like a ghost town. Siesta time. Wired had fun using her Spanish to try to figure out when the restaurants and stores would open. Apparently since it’s Monday everything is closed for the rest of the day.  Now we know and will consider that in our plans. One restaurant did let us in to their small shop. We bought bread, salami, cheese and a tomato. That was really nice of that lady and hopefully we said gracias enough. That was a much better dinner than the last of my snacks which was the alternative. 
We hiked out of town and of course that entailed climbing for over an hour. We found the greatest spot…. view, tree cover and wind protected.  We had to squeeze our tents together to fit but it worked. 

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